Branding Your MW Video Editing Desk

Coordinate your MW Video editing desk with your branding…

Earlier in the year, we launched our new range of laminate worktop finishes, perfect for complimenting the MW Video editing desk. Laminate is suitable for all custom and standard desk ranges. From the Polyrey range, the laminate is hardwearing, durable and suitable for labour-intensive working environments such as broadcast suites. It is an eco certified product and its’ primary component is paper.  It is surface treated with an antibacterial treatment, authorising it as a hygienic surface.

Editing desk colours

With a large range of colours and finishes held in stock, more variations can be ordered from the complete range with ease. In particular, the factory saw last week editing desks being manufactured in a  special “purple”, chosen to closely match the branding of the client.

To find out more about our the range of colours and finishes available, contact our sales team

MW Video editing desk in purple laminate

MW Video Systems editing desk laminate worktop colour example


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